Battle for Christmas

Battle for Christmas Santa Claws vs Holy C-Kid Who’s gonna win? The mighty „Santa Claws“ or the nifty „Holy C-Kid“?! This‘ gon be the fight of the… week! 🔔🔔 🎅🆚👼 Sprecher: Harald Reiweger ( Boardmatic

Epic Childhood

80s & 90s Epic Childhood From Masters of the Universe to the very first Gameboy. The 80s and 90s brought us unforgettable toys and tv shows. 🏎️ 🕹️ đź“ş This is our way to say thank you for an epic childhood and great memories. It was so much fun animating and @gabs_audio did a great […]

Fuxmas 2018

Letters to Santa Fuxmas 2018​ Ever wondered where all the children’s letters to Santa Claus really end up? Storyboard Animation Color Test