We tell stories, explain things, inform and entertain people.

Motion design is the perfect tool for modern advertising. Many possibilities in endless variations. Please take a look at some examples of the most popular applications we’ve created for our clients.

Animated Clip

On TV, online or the big screen. We will either come up with ideas for you, or realize your own concepts. The perfect mix of story, style and animation gives our creations that special something.


Everything made clear in less than two minutes. Our explainer videos are made to perfectly fit your brand or business. Built from the ground up, they stand out from the crowd and strengthen your image.

Social Media Clips

Animated loops for Instagram. Short and engaging clips for Facebook. We use just the right concept to attract attention and create a style people won’t forget.

Out of home

Screens are found in so many urban settings these days. In public transportation, shopping malls, at the airport... And we feed them with quality animated content.

Animated GIFs

Moving icons and eye-catching loops. Animated gifs breathe life into static websites and make them a more exciting experience.

Animated Logos

Strengthening brand awareness and drawing attention, animated logos can be used in a variety of ways. As an intro and outro for videos. On websites, replacing static logos. As a loop on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


With perfectly tailored illustrations, we turn sites into something special, giving visual support to messages, or just making brands look good. Illustrations evoke emotion.


Successful presentations have to look great. We create Keynote and Powerpoint presentations that reflect your brand in a professional manner, and we refine those presentations with illustrations, graphics and animation.

So what’s your story?